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Male Yandere RP (18+ preferred)
Hey there everyone!
Well, I’m back at it looking for a new roleplay partner. As my current trend is going, I’m looking for a male yandere roleplay. I crave for this hardcore. I just, love male yanderes so much ( ≧Д≦)
House rules first:
1. I’m cool with doubling up (since I really want a male yandere roleplay lol).  But it’s limited. I don’t want to take a billion doubling up, since that’s really time consuming. And time isn’t what I have a lot of.
2. Still highkey cool with single roleplays
3. Yaoi or straight, fine with me.
4. PLEASE READ MY ROLEPLAY RULES FIRST: (I seriously know if you read them or not. So don’t try to lie to me.)
And…. That’s about it. Have fun reading my ideas or if you have something else in mind, that’s cool with me. As long as it has something to do with a male yandere.
- While shopping in
:iconxxdarkangel118xx:xXdarkangel118Xx 5 9
Mating Call :iconshirouyumekawa:ShirouYumekawa 21 19
RP anyone?
I have a few ideas and want to use my new character
:iconorichalcoseels:OrichalcosEels 1 32
Bombia's Tips to Happy Roleplaying.
Roleplaying Tips and Etiquette
Hello, my name is Bombia and I have been roleplaying for about thirteen years. Over those years, I have learned many things and I would like to pass on some knowledge to other roleplayers who are newer to it or would like some tips.
First off, let me talk about some etiquette tips.
Noting a person as part of a roleplay request:
What I find annoying and irritable is if someone just notes me with a "Hello." and nothing else. If noting a person for a roleplay, please tell them why you are noting them. That way the person who you are sending the Note to knows why you are noting them and the process is smoother.
Ending a roleplay
If you no longer wish to do a roleplay, please note the person and let them know that you do not wish to continue and if possible providing them with feedback as to why. That way you do not leave the person longing and waiting for a roleplay. It gets very annoying and rude. In some cases
:iconthesandilequeen:TheSandileQueen 71 161
Character Biography: Bombia (Cherish Hope Bombias)
Name: Her real name is Cherish Hope Bombias. Her title is Demonmistress and she goes by Bombia, a nickname taken from her last name.
Age: Two thousand, two hundred and five years old.
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Species: Demon
Occupation: Military Scientist/Demonmistress
Powers: She have the ability to shapeshift, but she cannot change her eyes to be the eyes of her target. They always stay as her own. She can transform into the half of a demon that she is, able to intimidate her opponent. She is able to teleport between places rather easily. She can make herself become completely invisible, and can blend in with her environment. She can manipulate parts of her own body at will. She also heals very fast.
Weapons: Because she is able to shapeshift, she typically can use claws as her weapons. They replace her fingernails. She typically carries a couple of potions at least, which she can throw at an opponent. Thos
:iconthesandilequeen:TheSandileQueen 2 14
The Asykania-New race of demon
The Asykania are a breed of demons that came from the results of a  high ranking angel named Alenka mating with the ancient demon Irishion. As a result, their offspring were demons that appeared to be like angels. They had the beauty of an angel, the grace and the holy aura, yet they were dark down to the core.
When the angel saw what her children were, she abandoned them so she would not be discovered as to have lowered herself to the point of breeding with a demon. If the Gods and her fellow angels had found out, she would have been cast from Heaven permanently. She would never have been able to see her family again, so she chose to abandon her own offspring to keep herself in grace.
The firstborn was called Alekzander, and he was the most prized by his father. The secondborn was called Lunana, and was a beautiful girl that immediately captivated her father's heart. The twins knew that their mother had abandoned them as soon as they were able to understand, and that fact filled
:iconthesandilequeen:TheSandileQueen 4 24
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003 RP?
I've been rewatching the series and I really want to rp it with someone
The Rules: 
:iconorichalcoseels:OrichalcosEels 0 3
Role-play Preferences and Rules
IMPORTANT NOTE: if I don't respond immediatly, it means I can't do it atm, WAIT FOR ME TO RESPOND!!!!
Fandoms I RP:
Star Wars (Movies / Rebels / Clone Wars / some EU Material)
Yu-Gi-Oh! (Duel Monsters / GX / 5Ds / Zexal / Arc-V)
Kaiju (Godzilla / Gamera / Other Kaiju)
Marvel Universe
DC Universe
TMNT (2003 / 2012)
Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt
Original RP
Things I am ok with RPing:
Smut / 18+
Hetero / Yaoi / Yuri
Violence (but not unrealistic violence)
OC X Canon / OC X OC / Canon X Canon
Script and Paragraph
Fandom RPs
Alternate Universe
Things I am will never do in an RP:
Gross Things (especially stuff involving certain bodily functions if you know what I'm talking about)
Bestiality (No Explanation needed, It's just wrong)
Very long Paragraphs (I just find it too difficult, when it comes to Paragraphs I prefer to do 2-4 lines)
Snuff (just no)
Underaged Character Smut or Sensual Romance Involving Underaged Character
Slime Characters
Racist Stuff
:iconorichalcoseels:OrichalcosEels 8 181
Mature content
A Princess and her Alchemist (MATURE/LONG TERM) :iconobscurepairing:obscurepairing 1 5
I want to rp some five nights at Freddy's SINCE IM JUST GETTING INTO THE FANDOM O3O! 
I allow:
-fetishes (not shrinking and foot. I don't understand those)
-gore(tiny bit
-any genre
-any ship
-animatronic X gaurd(oc)
-animatronic X animatronic(oc)
-hetero(hard and soft)
-yuri (depends)
I don't allow: 
cannon x Canon
my Favorite animatronic is Foxy you play him and i'll play your favorite animatronic for you
or there are other fandoms like 
Wreck it ralph(i have one going never got a fucking reply back for 5 months)
Mystery skulls ghost(my current rper got banned somehow ;n;)
Warriors Cats
Pokemon(no trainers villain groups only)
**Fairy tail(lol yes i have 4 going it be good to get more)**
Black butler(Seriously like everyone that was rping me with this just stopped and left me hanging )
:iconrainbowdashiemlpfan:RainbowDashieMLPFan 2 104
Randy Wilson
Name: Randy Wilson.
Age: 17.
Gender: Male.
Height: 6"3.
weight: 125 lb.
Sexuality: Gay.
Looks: He had Medium length ginger hair with freckles He has two different coloured eyes, one is electric blue and the other chocolate brown. He is usually wearing contacts to make both eyes brown however and only his good friend George knows about his eyes colour. He is very slim due to and unbalanced diet and very tall and a little muscular. He usually wears a red t-shirt, black skinny jeans, a loose blue scarf and Blue converse.
Back ground: He was a bit of a bad boy in school and always got into fights, this meant he never really made any friends except a couple named George, Randell, Matt and Mark. His mother died during a robbery when he was young causing him to want to become a policeman when he grew up to prevent this from happening to others. He is currently undergoing a four year training course to do so. His father was always distant with him but they had a strong bond. He's been known to
:iconplanetfangirl:planetfangirl 2 174
Hetalia pairing rp, please?
I want to roleplay some hetalia pairings :3 There's virtually nothing I don't ship, but I'm looking for these in particular:
1. AsaKiku (I'd prefer playing Japan)
2. BelaLiech (Can play either)
3. AustroSwiss (Can play either)
4. LietPol (I'd prefer playing Poland)
My OTP is PruCan, but I'm in a lot of prucan roleplays right now. If you have a good idea, though, I'll rp with you ^^
1- Something fluffy, or even some Dark Japan x Pirate England ;3
2- More friggin fluff. Possibly some depressed Belarus angst.
3- Something involving music or chocolate..
4- Fluff, obviously, but angst here would be good.
Other info
I will not do script style rp. Period.
i like long replies, but one liners don't bother me too much, especially since I struggle to make mine long. Just make sure to give me something to work with.
No smut/R18 etc.. 
Violence etc is okay if the plot idea involves it.
Usually, i like to roleplay as if they're humans, not countries, unless the co
:iconmeg4lovania:MEG4LOVANIA 2 17
Soul Eater RP
Soul Eater RP:  Looking for partners!
I'm gong to RP in this group:
DWMA 2nd gen
Your characters can be the offspring of canon characters.  My OCs in the group are children of Soul and Maka Evans.
To my understanding the 1x1 will take place in notes :)  Group in chatroom.
So anyone wanting to join fill out an app and send it to the group via note.
Looking forward to your entries :D
Group link below!
:icongonxkillua:GonXKillua 0 22
Portal 2 Couple Roleplay
It can be ANY couple you support from Portal 2. Note me for more details!
:iconroleplay-requests:Roleplay-Requests 0 1
ChellXWheatley WheatleyXGLaDos or ChellXGLaDos RP
So just as the title says id like to do either of these roleplays. If you want to do a different Portal 2 couple than let me know. Id like to be Chell or Wheatley. Note me for more details. I would also like them to be human if you don't mind
:iconroleplay-requests:Roleplay-Requests 1 0
Mature content
Mozimi :icontechnoclick-darkblaz:TechnoClick-Darkblaz 1 3


Hey guys~

I've finally got on to say im leaving DA, and that i need some new owners to take over~

Please do reply to this journal if you feel you're up to the task, and why you should be owner. I'll take awhile to think about it

Thank you for your time

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Mythicalyurifan Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Looking for an RP with my new character. Romance/adventure type. (She is lesbian heads up)

Princess Anna:…

I was thinking maybe she falls in love with someone who works in the castle or someone who lives out in the village that she used to be friends with at one point.

And they start planning an escape from the castle that maybe doesn't work out the first few times and then something happens where the girls are split up for a short time.

Idk. Just a few thoughts. We can work things out better together in notes if you would like to rp. Feel free to add your own ideas as well.

I only have a few rules:

No fetishes
Please play more then one character.
Third person only please.
And when it comes to the sexy stuff we fade past the actual act. Leading up to it and after is fine. I just don't feel comfortable roleplaying the actual thing.

Also don't be afraid to talk or ask questions. I enjoy a good chat too :)

So note me if interested. :D Lets have some fun.
AceandJet Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Anyone up for a team skull rp? I have an idea witch I think could go somewhere if ur ok with doing ocs and cannon
I'll give my details and rules and all that if someone answers (although I don't have a lot f rules:))
Ms-Redwood Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017
I’m looking for a (possibly) long-term original universe roleplay partner with multiple characters who responds frequently and loves dysfunctional relationships, romance roleplays in general, and paragraph formatting. Although I could be persuaded to do script if you would prefer.
Please note me if interested.
GinTenshiUchuu Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2017  Hobbyist

My name is Ren and I'm 29.

I live in the Eastern Time Zone. (-5 CST)

Currently, I am a full-time caretaker for my Mother so I have a lot of time on my hands when I'm not doing chores or running errands.

I'm looking for someone who can reply often, several times a day through various means. (Generally, Skype if we click I'll note the skype sn) I'm not looking for huge paragraphs though they are nice; One-liner, small paragraphs or even multiple are fine.

I've been in RP for a good 13 years now, I currently have a few partners but I am looking for more. I only ask for decent grammar and an open mind please be 18+.

I RP just about everything so limits aren't really existent for me. (I do however want some plot please!)  As of right now, I'm MxM, I haven't done FxM in a long time but would be willing to try again.

Oh, pet peeve, if you start an RP with me, don't just poof and disappear it's rude. If you don't want to RP with me anymore that's absolutely fine but please give me a heads up.

The first person is who I would RP


My Fandoms that I currently want to RP:

Kingdom Hearts (Sora/Anyone male)

Rise of The Guardians (Jack/Aster or Jack/Pitch/Kozmotis Jack/Other)

Kuroshitsuji (Ciel/Anyone male)

Junjou Romantica (Misaki/Anyone male)

Fandom's that can be considered:

Harry Potter (Hermione/ Anyone but Ron)

Ouran Highschool Host Club (Haruhi/ Anyone male but Tamaki )

Labyrinth (Sarah/Jareth)

Phantom of the Opera (Christine/Erik)

Legend (Lily/Darkness)
Slayers (Lina/Xellos)

Fandom would be my preference We can even do crossovers if that's your thing too just let me know what you'd like to crossover with and if I haven't seen it I'll look into watching it so we can do a crossover of that. I enjoy Fantasy, Sci-fi, Mystery, Paranormal and Horror <3. 
This will also be posted in several other RP groups.

I am now also open to OC’s It would be OC/OC unless you have a really good plot for me Cannon/Your OC.

I can double, it’s been a while and I’m rusty on it but it is doable! Can’t wait to hear from you all.

Thanks, Ren

PS: It's a bit strange but for some time I've actually wanted to RP myself with Lucifer (Not from the series, you know actual your representation of) yes I know -flamesofdeath- if anyone is actually interested in this, it would be my top choice. It would be Romance/ whatever else you'd be interested in.

NostalgicAlien Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
fnafnightguard5 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2017
i'm looking for long term rp partners 

My fandoms: 
Dr. Who (AU)
Harvest moon (AU)
The adventures of  tintin (AU)
Fire emblem (AU)
creepypasta (oc)
Five nights at Freddy's 
My little pony friendship is magic (oc)
Harry Potter (AU)
Pokemon (oc)

oc=I have an oc for that series
AU=I have an AU for that series

You may Rp with my AUs or my ocs 

List of AUs
Silas: a clone/twin to tintin
Colin creevey: a ghost that roams hogwarts 
Dr. Tent: a timelord son of the Doctor and river song

List of ocs
Skylight: protector of creepypastas looks like an orange alicorn with an invisible man as a cutie mark 
Lavender town syndrome: lavender music note with blood

Rp with me in notes or comments
Kommandant-Wolfe Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
hello everyone, im not so good at talking out of character but here it goes...
i am part of a group RP/chat on kik messenger and we are looking for members such as scientists, soldiers, pilots, medics etc the RP/chat is based on an earth defense force faction if anyone is interested please feel free to PM me 

the writing style is laid back 

the date is 1946 
Eararadith Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2017
Hello my friends, there are some fandoms i would like to rp but more importantly i am craving for originals! I am open to ideas so please contact with me. Other than that we can do those below

Attack on Titan
Yowamushi Pedal
Original (I love originals!)
Black Butler
Vampire Knight
Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Please message me to  I love you all, take care!
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